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The Greys have the ability to extract knowledge and sensory information from the brain of the human and make use of that information when mentally controlling the consciousness of the human. I pray for your strength.

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Extremely gifted at reading people, would even brag about it.

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My plan now is to leave and cut all communication.

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Who was the dead man laid out in a gray suit?

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They were acquitted of criminal charges but later found civilly liable for the killings.

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In nearly EVERY case that I have heard of where 'these' reptiloids were encountered, the abductee was a female human who eva mendes anal sex forcibly 'raped' by the reptilian within an underground base or even within their own homes during the abduction-encounter - Branton.

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How much more contact did you have with him on that time when you bumped into him?

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Sasha has to undergo a physical exam, including the weight and blood pressure measurements, breast checkup, flexibility tests and gyno exam.

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There are other factors that should be looked for.

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